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Law Beez makes outsourcing easy. Our project-based legal work platform gives you the tools you need to scale and grow your law firm.


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Access our built-in tools to find the most qualified freelance lawyer(s) for your project, giving you the talent you need to streamline your workflow through outsourcing and gain the time freedom that every lawyer needs in order to live a healthy and well-balanced life.


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The right talent and/or team is needed to grow your law firm. Our robust platform for lawyers gives you access to vetted freelance lawyers that match your project needs. You're in the driver's seat with pricing, and our star rating system ensures higher quality legal freelancers. Get started and check out all the busy beez in our hive.

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Transform your law firm into a well-rounded powerhouse by using our top-notch attorney matching tools. Publish your legal project by using our streamlined process that finds freelance lawyers who fit the specifications of your unique requirements.


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Time is the thing we want most, but we use the worst. Leverage our platform to delegate and outsource your legal work and gain control of your time and your life.

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