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Law Beez is redefining the way lawyers work by introducing an efficient way to outsource legal projects. With the rapid growth of technology in the legal field, it makes sense to utilize our legal marketplace experience to help law firms, in-house legal departments, and attorneys survive and thrive in the “on-demand” world that we have quickly come to know. Remote legal work is here to stay.

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We help attorneys grow, earn money and gain time freedom. The amazing thing about being a freelance attorney is that you can make it whatever you want. From working on your own schedule anywhere you want, to choosing what work you want to do.

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We have the technology to give you the platform you need to get started. Use our custom designed dashboard to manage your profile, projects and communications, all through our simple online platform. Our proprietary technology allows hiring attorneys to reach out to you directly for available projects, cutting your hiring time in half.


Our freelance lawyers are our most valuable asset. With your skill and expertise, we're able to offer hiring attorneys an easy and efficient way to get help with their projects. We want you to have a great experience and get the support you need to be successful.

Check out our guide to getting started.

This guide will help you get started so that you can make the most out of Law Beez. Read on to find out more about:

  • Setting up your profile
  • Applying for projects
  • Managing your project
  • Getting paid
  • Your star rating

As a freelance lawyer, the first step in establishing yourself as an active and successful member of our hive is creating a profile. The best piece of advice we can offer about creating your profile is to proofread extensively.

Your profile is how our clients get to know you. It tells them the area(s) of law that you practice as well as the type of cases that you handle in those areas of law. In addition, your bio, your writing sample(s) and project experience give a close up view of how you work.

It is safe to say the information you offer here is some of the most important writing you will do. Use spelling and grammar checkers for all of your sample pieces.

Here are the elements of a Law Beez profile and some suggestions for making yours great.



A close-up of your face (smile!)

First impressions matter, so begin with a professional headshot. Your profile picture should be a high-quality image of your face: well lit, in focus, friendly, inviting, and professional.


Profile Body

The profile set-up is straightforward, but there are a few rules you should keep in mind. These apply to each section whether you're creating your bio or defining your projects. Write about yourself in a captivating way.

We, at Law Beez, always say humility is a virtue, and modesty is a sin! So be sure to build yourself up to your true and authentic self.

Do NOT refer to competing sites when discussing your writing history or work history. A competing site would be another lawyer marketplace that offers freelance lawyer services. It is okay to give generalizations without mentioning the companies.



It's true, you're going to have to jump through a few hoops if you want to do any freelance lawyer jobs with us. We check state bar cards and ID's, to ensure our professionals are in good standing within the legal community. We research each attorney's record for unethical activity or past complaints.


Personal Interviews

Our Law Beez team may reach out to you and schedule a brief phone screening to ensure you're a good fit for our freelance attorney network.

Apply directly to any project that you are qualified for. Search the Law Beez legal marketplace for projects that fit your skills and schedule. Before you apply, take a “peek under the hood” of a project to assess the project details and decide if the project is right for you.


Cover letters

The goal is to tell a brief story about yourself in a way that shows the hiring attorney that you are the best candidate for the project. Demonstrate why they would want to hire you, and bid on the project.


Bidding on a project

The hiring attorney sets a fixed rate for the project that is based on the time that he or she believes it should take to complete the task and, at an hourly rate, thought to be fair. It is best not to counter the fixed-rate; however, if you believe that the rate is too low for the type of project, or if you believe that the project is more complex, then you can provide a bid along with an explanation for your proposed fee.


Completing a conflict checklist

Before you can be hired for a project, you must complete a conflict checklist. Once the hiring attorney is interested in hiring you, you'll be notified with a conflict checklist. Once received, you will need to complete the checklist as quickly as possible. If there is no conflict of interest, the hiring attorney will hire you for the project, unless someone else was hired in the meantime.

What happens once you're hired? The project goes to your projects “in progress” space. This space starts small and grows larger as you’re hired for more projects.



As most people are aware, communication is key! The more clearly and timely you communicate with the hiring attorney, the quicker and smoother the project can be completed and the quicker you can get paid.


Timesheet entries

This is just as important as the quality of work you do for the project. Every time you work on a project, you will need to update your timesheet so that the hiring attorney can see the progress of the project in real-time .



This is where you go to submit your draft and completed work. If any revisions are needed then you will receive a notification. Otherwise, your project should be approved and you'll be on your way to getting paid.


Tips for delivering quality work

There's a trick that writers use to help them see their work with a “different set of eyes”. The trick is to change the font and then proofread your work. The change of font offers you a different perspective and helps you identify any errors that might have been missed.



Once you are hired for a project, no cancellations will be permitted. If for some reason, you feel you must cancel, you will need to send a message to Law Beez, through your account and we can try to work with both you and the hiring attorney on a solution.

Track your projects through our platform and get paid directly through your Paypal account or choose to be paid via USPS, (a.k.a. snail mail). We handle payroll, tax documents, and other administrative tasks so you can focus on creating a well-balanced life for you and your family.

If you select to be paid via PayPal, your pay will be processed after the five day dispute period has expired for the project.

If you choose to be paid via USPS, your pay will be processed after the dispute period has expired for the project that you've worked on and will be bi-weekly after that time frame. With this payment method, Law Beez tallies the amount owed to each freelance lawyer within the bi-weekly pay period and processes payment for all projects that fall within that timeframe a single total.

Freelance Lawyers start with zero stars and move up. How? All you have to do is make the hiring attorney happy. At Law Beez, we believe that feedback from our clients helps to ensure we are maintaining the highest level of quality freelance attorneys available to them.

Client rate freelance lawyers as follows:

  • Communication
  • Timeliness
  • Attention to Detail
  • Overall Work Quality

In a perfect world, every hiring attorney would have their expectations exceeded with every project. The reality is that each individual has his or her own idea of what “exceeded” means. This is why it is so critical to ensure that your communication and understanding is as crystal clear as humanly possible.

That's a wrap!

These are the basics you need to know to get started with Law Beez. There is much more to learn and our team of Law Beez is here to help you work more efficiently as a contract attorney.

We hope this guide helps you on your way as a member of the Law Beez community. Don't forget to check your dashboard and email regularly for new projects.