Freelance Lawyers

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Law Beez provides on-demand freelance lawyer services to law firms of all sizes, as well as in-house legal departments. Law Beez is here to help lawyers grow their law firms by giving them the tools needed to easily outsource their legal work to freelance lawyers. Whether your goal is to catch up on a backlog of work, keep a balanced workload, or decrease overhead and increase profit margin.

Whether you use the term “freelance lawyer” or “contract attorney”, it’s all the same. A freelance lawyer assists other lawyers, law firms, and in-house legal departments on a fixed or hourly, project, contract, or part-time basis. They act as independent contractors and in a “lawyer on-demand” capacity. Freelance lawyers that work through Law Beez only work with other lawyers and do not take on end-clients directly.

Law Beez is a resource for freelance lawyers looking for more legal freelance work, but need help finding it. Once accepted into the Law Beez hive, you’ll have access to all sorts of legal project work at your fingertips.

As a part of the Law Beez hive, you have the flexibility and control to search for available projects, choose whether to apply, and accept offers depending upon your schedule, expertise and needs.

Easy. All you have to do is register for an account and you can join our hive of freelance lawyers.

This is an important one and here’s how it works:

The hiring attorney is required to complete a conflict checklist upon posting a project. Once the hiring attorney is interested in a candidate, the conflict checklist is sent to that freelance lawyer. After the freelance lawyer reviews the checklist and answers the questions, the hiring attorney will receive a notification to review the answers. If no conflict is found, the hiring attorney may proceed with the hiring process.

In addition, Law Beez has a confidentiality agreement with all of its freelance lawyers within our Terms of Use, which is signed by all freelancers within our platform. This applies alongside their usual professional obligations and, as licensed attorneys, they are ethically bound by their duty of confidentiality.​

The simple answer is yes, absolutely! Your success is our priority, which means that all things related to ethical compliance are at the top of our list.You can read more here

Once your account has been approved, you can search for and apply for any projects that interest you and that you qualify for. ​

When considering whether to apply for a project, it is important to thoroughly review all of the details and make sure it is something you want to, have the expertise to do and can do by the deadlines and within the project budget. It is important to note that all projects are on a fixed/flat-fee basis. Therefore, the project budget is the compensation you will receive when the project is completed. If during your review of the project, you feel that the project is potentially more complex and lengthy than what the proposed budget affords, you may suggest a higher budget along with your reasoning for the increase. You are also free to message the hiring attorney to get further clarification before you apply for the project.

When applying for a project, you are required to complete a cover letter, indicating why you should be selected for the project. We encourage you to take advantage of this to its fullest so that the hiring attorney can get to know a little more about you during the selection process.

Once you apply for a project, the hiring attorney will review your profile, which includes your bio, resume, writing sample, and reviews. This is the information that the hiring attorney will use to help in determining which candidate to select for the project.

There are no limits on how many projects you can apply for.

You made it to the Law Beez hive which means you’ve got the talent and experience that other attorneys need. Here are some tips to help you stand out from the rest of the hive:

As a freelance lawyer, the first step in establishing yourself as an active and successful member of our hive is to create a profile. First impressions matter, so begin with a professional headshot and an authentic bio. Be very detailed in your work history and your skillset. This is your chance to show what you’ve got.

For more on how to increase your chances of getting hired, read more on how to get started

Each project includes a secure and encrypted messaging portal specific to that project. This makes messaging easy to access and track.

Any time a new project is posted that fits your expertise, a message is sent and/or any other important notifications, you’ll receive an email notification and alert on your dashboard.

Once you are hired for a project, you are provided access to a secure and encrypted document library. Documents can be viewed from the project details page through your dashboard.

Anytime that you work on a project, you should record an entry to your project timecard. This can be done from the project details page through your dashboard. You will not be able to submit a draft, or any project work, until you have completed an entry in your timecard.

Law Beez takes care of all tax reporting by issuing IRS Form 1099 on or before January 31 of each year. The IRS Form 1099 is sent out only if you have received $600 or more from Law Beez for that tax filing year.