Hire a Freelance Lawyer For Ongoing Work.

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Ongoing Contract Lawyer Benefits

  • If you seek a flexible legal solution that caters to your ongoing needs without the commitment of a full-time hire, our hourly feature is here to help you. Our custom made platform allows you to engage a dedicated freelance attorney on an as-needed basis, offering you the convenience and efficiency your law firm needs.
  • We handle the back-end so that you can focus on growing and scaling your law firm. Every week you will receive comprehensive timesheets and billing reports to track the services rendered by your freelance lawyer.
  • Our experienced freelance attorneys work closely with you to address your legal needs at a fraction of the usual cost. Upon engaging an attorney on an hourly basis, an initial retainer of $1,000 will be charged to your card.
  • Need an attorney to work with you on a case or on several projects that may take several weeks or even months, and also need to cap that attorney's hours per week, simply set your weekly hour maximum and the attorney is yours for a set number of hours per week. There are no prerequisites for minimum monthly hours, giving you the flexibility to engage a freelance attorney on a short- or long-term basis. You only bear the cost of the actual hours spent on your legal work, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your firm.
  • Subsequent charges will be determined by the actual hours worked. If you choose to conclude the project before exhausting the retainer, any remaining balance will be refunded to your card. Discover the convenience and cost- effectiveness of hiring a freelance attorney on an hourly basis. Get started now and explore how our customized legal solutions can enhance your firm.

Pay By The Hour

  • Hire an attorney for several weeks or months and only pay for the time that is used.
  • Get weekly reports with detailed timesheets and billing reports.
  • Each week we pay your freelance lawyer and charge your card only for the number of hours worked.
  • Close your contract once you no longer need any help.

Select The Hours You Need

  • Estimate how long you need to contract an attorney for. (i.e. 20 hours, 60+ hours) There is no minimum and no maximum.
  • Set a maximum number of hours to be worked per week.
  • Enter the dollar per hour that you chose to pay the attorney.
  • No longer term commitment, close your contract when you no longer need help.

Time Keeping and Billing

  • Pay a nominal, one-time retainer amount.
  • Freelance lawyers will be paid for the number of ours they log each week.After your retainer has been exhausted, your account is charged for the number of logged hours only.
  • Access your timesheets and download any time you need to.

Now that you know about our hourly freelance lawyer solutions, it's time to start
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